Boyfriend tracker app to spy on cheating boyfriend iPhone

boyfriend tracker app iphone

Being cheated is like being stabbed continuously where it hurts the most, right in the heart. Many have experienced this feeling, and it leaves them broken on the inside. But if you are one of those who are not sure if their boyfriend is cheating on them, and you are just suspicious, you can avoid walking down this highway to hell by taking a few simple measures. People do cheat, yes, but not everyone does. What if he really does have to work late and you being hard on him just making his life more difficult? What if the call he missed on purpose to get to later was his colleague who keeps asking him enormous favors? You don’t want to be too quick on judging him, as hasty and un-informed decisions can bring devastating results, but how to be sure? Is there a way?

It’s the era of smart phones and that’s where all relationships start: Texting, then calling and then meeting up. Now imagine yourself being in complete control of your boyfriend’s IPhone, you know what texts he is sending and receiving, who is he calling and where is he. Doesn’t that put you in a perfect position to judge him? Wouldn’t having a boyfriend tracker app solve all your problems? Having an iPhone app to spy on boyfriend cheating will be your ultimate tool in making the final decision. Ladies, say hello to “StealthGenie.”

Stealth Genie is a boyfriend tracker app iPhone edition that can be used to do NSA level spying for the cost of less than a cab ride home. With Stealth Genie you can always keep an eye on your significant other to know who he is texting and WHAT is he texting. It’s an app that lets you know who your boyfriend calls or text IPhone. It works in a very simple way: you install the app on your boyfriends IPhone and the app starts running in background and collects all the information from the phone and uploads sends it to you. You can use your computer anytime to see his texts, calls, location or you can even turn on his microphone to listen to his surroundings. Pretty cool eh? It’s a one-stop solution for all those looking for an iPhone app to catch boyfriend cheating.

Now you may ask “What if he was faithful to me and finds out I was spying on him?” That’s a very valid question and a realistic one too, because in this case it won’t be your boyfriend being the cause of a crack in the relationship, it will be you. But do not worry; StealthGenie has got you covered. It is designed to run in hidden mode, so the app won’t show up anywhere on his list or on his running services.

So stop living in doubt and know the truth. Otherwise your fear and uncertainty will make things worse. Act now and install this catch boyfriend cheating iPhone app on your significant others phone to find out what is really going on. He was either unfaithful or you were being too cautious; the outcome will save you from a lot of miseries coming ahead.


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