Best iPhone Parental Control Apps to Monitor Kids iPhone Usage

iPhone Parental Control Apps

Looking for the best parental control app out there? Confused what to get to keep an eye on your children? If you have any of these questions then don’t worry, we finally have a solution for you. We have reviewed for you here the best iPhone parental control apps which will help you keep an eye on your kids’ iPhone at all times.

Choosing the right app to restrict kids’ iPhone use is not an easy business and at times you get confused at what to pick and which one would suit you best, so we present to you the top parental control apps out there, which we think would never let you down.

5. MobileMonitor

mobile monitor

MobileMonitor is one of those few parental control apps which offer 24/7 online customer support. It comes with a variety of features which would blow your mind away and is one of the best iPhone parental control software out there.

Through MobileMonitor you can:

  • Find out to whom your kids are speaking by viewing call history on iPhone
  • View data from anywhere through online dashboard and see what content your children have access to on their smartphones
  • Remotely view text messages, videos, pictures and browsing history – keep an eye on your children at all times
  • Spy on their GPS location
  • Secretly read messenger chats – Skype, Whatsapp & iMessage
  • Get notification in case of SIM change & this will not effect monitoring the target device. You can view the number of the new SIM card
  • Know the exact location of your children 24/7 by sending silent text on their cell phones

With these features you’ll always be able to keep an eye on your children and you’ll always know what tey’re up to. All you need to do is set up your account and then download the software to get started.

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4. PhoneSheriff


PhoneSheriff here comes at number 4 and helps you see if your children are being cyber bullied or are they viewing any inappropriate content or not. PhoneSheriff has a number of features which include:

  • It enables you block any specific number from calls and texts messages
  • Get custom alerts, which helps you see if your children are talking about something they shouldn’t be talking about in their texts and if there’s use of the words drugs or sexting in their texts
  • GPS tracking helps you know the location of your children at all times
  • Block the apps you do not want your kids to install & websites to visit on their smartphones
  • Restrict your kids iPhone usage
  • Monitor text messages & call information
  • 100% Undetectable

These features would help you not only stay in touch with your children, but also help you see where your children stand and if they are really being honest to you or not. All you need to do is to setup your account and you’re good to go.

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3. Mobile-Spy

mobile spy

Mobile-Spy parental control ranks here third because a number of diverse features and also because mostly it does more than what it says. Mobile-Spy would help you not only keep an eye on your children, but truly know them and see what they are up to all the time. Mobile-spy offers features like:

  • Read text messages, whatsapp and iMessage chats, so you can keep an eye on all their activities all the time
  • Spy on their GPS location
  • You can also keep an eye on their social media activities
  • The call log details helps you to see who they contact all the time
  • You can also view websites browsing history and block inappropriate content they are watching on their smartphones
  • Keep an eye on the videos and photos – Restrict if they have anything they shouldn’t have access to
  • You can also block applications in your kids iPhone which you think are not fit for them
  • You can do all this from a LIVE control panel
  • View all these through an online account provided after installing the parental control app

Just by a few clicks away and setting up your account you can easily download this software and have an idea what your children actually do on their smartphones.

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2. StealthGenie

iPhone Spyware

StealthGenie iPhone parental control bags a spot at #2 here because it surpasses all the mobile spy software’s and it has the most diverse and unique features for you to keep an eye on your children.

The StealthGenie features include:

  • Spying on all your children’s calls and listening to their conversations
  • Spying on their conversions whether they are texting on the messengers
  • Secretly view Facebook & Whatsapp chats, monitor all social media activities
  • This parental control app monitors inappropriate activities your kids are involved like sexting – sharing nude pictures & videos
  • View their GPS locations and see where they travel or where they were before
  • Read their emails and see what they subscribe to or who they contact
  • You can also view their multimedia files whether photos, pictures or the audios file played on iPhone
  • Their internet activities will also not be hidden anymore
  • You can view their calendar and all the events that have been coming up in the week to see where they’ll be
  • You can also listen to their surroundings
  • You get notifications about everything they do and even if they change their SIM cards
  • You can also monitor all this through the REMOTE control panel

All, you need to do is to set up a parental control account on your kids iPhone and you’re good to go.

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1. Mobistealth (Parent-Like App Caring For Children)

parental control mobistealth

The global ubiquity of smartphones, parents have become paranoid because they cannot refuse kids from having these gadgets nor they can let them do what may spoil them. Therefore, parents have sought this issue out because they cannot bear the all-time suspicions that revolve around them whenever their kids are away with their smartphones. They are no more stressed wondering how their children are using the number of apps and uses offered by smartphones.

Mobistealth is the solution to their worries. It is an advance iPhone monitoring app that makes a parent, guardian, supervisor or any other who wants to monitor kids for their better. You can limit the activities being used on phones, monitor the conversations your kid is having, track the internet history, keep check on call logs, know his or her location through GPS location, have a glance at the pictures being taken and a lot more that a parent would want to know about.

Is Spying Kids’ Phones Ethical?

When it comes to caring for kids, parents are allowed to go to any extent. It is not about spying actually, it is about caring for kids who can be spoiled by bad gatherings, dirty interests, immature activities and other desirable deeds. You wish to protect your children 247/7 and thus seek for help from MobiStealth.

Do Not Fear To Lose Trust Of Kids, Because You Will Not!

MobiStealth is the most promising parental control app for iPhone that grants results quickest. It is downloaded and installed in 4-5 minutes. It grants 100% satisfaction to the parents. Cell phones are not the only means that may provide an access to online threats, bullying and unethical deeds to kids, but computers are just another way. For this, PC ,monitoring apps are also available that allow parents to track activities through Windows and MAC computers without losing their trust as both these software never lets the kids know that he or she is being monitored.

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So, these are the top parental control apps for iPhone out there and now you hopefully have a better idea that, which one suits you best and would help you keep an eye on your children better.